We are the only company in Mexico that represents the main platforms technology in Gartner leaders with a broad platforms portfolio that we can be used to deliver a better solution aligned to each customer.

  • • SAP Open or Close

    It helps organizations with the implementation of Technology Platforms improvement processes and HR operations with Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

  • • ARIBAOpen or Close

    Supports organizations with strategic sourcing solutions aimed at enabling them to cut costs, reduce risks and increase revenues through better cooperation with business partners. This is done through a complete platform that allows buyers and suppliers interact through a community.

  • • SUCCESS FACTORS Open or Close

    Support to the organizations align their strategy with the performance of its employees to achieve better business results, optimizing performance, create competitive advantage under proper Talent Management.

  • • SABAOpen or Close

    Supports the Human Resources areas with learning, performance, recruitment, planning workforce, succession and compensation through an attractive, easy and personalized platform for a better knowledge, action and leadership.

  • • SUMTOTALOpen or Close

    It enables organizations to find the expansion of talent to discover, develop and unleash the hidden potential within their workforce and the entire business ecosystem.

  • • INFOBLOCKOpen or Close

    Manages and oversees the work force, providing reliable real-time information on the performance and productivity of its employees.

  • • SKILLSOFTOpen or Close

    It enables organizations to maintain and boost the performance of their Human Capital through online content and resources. Offering the largest library of e-learning content in different languages as well as additional resources from the industry in response to various areas of knowledge.

  • • VÉRTICEOpen or Close

    It helps organizations to maintain the performance of their Human Capital through content and e-learning resources, supported by specialized courses.

  • • PERSON ENGLISH Open or Close

    It offers a focused tool on the development of skills in the English language proficiency and improving the performance of your workforce, so they can communicate, collaborate and act efficiently in a global company.

  • • NIVEL SIETEOpen or Close

    It helps organizations in Talent Management supported the use of e-learning solutions.