We support organizations accelerate, optimize and improvide the Human Capital Management, trough specialized products for proper control of all yours tasks:


We support organizations to manage and monitor its workforce, through a detailed control systems and working time registration using the inputs and outputs of each employee, setting shifts, holidays, meal times and breaks, will connect this data to the payroll system will allow assessments of productivity and performance.


With SCBT's Payroll you can make the best perceptions estimate of existing and new workers, covering the relevant legal issues:

  • Saving time in the calculation and payment to employees.
  • Complying with taxes payment.
  • Setting up payroll periods according to your operation.
  • Generating reports quickly and efficiently.

We support organizations to successfully perform management of its employees both group and individually. Planning, organizing, directing and controlling all administrative activities, starting in:

  • Recruitment and selection process.
  • Fast involvement of new employees in the organization.
  • Training and coaching workforce to develop and evaluate their performance.

Identify, attract and hire the right talent with a complete solution for implementing procurement, which will accelerate and optimize support processes, building a workforce with a qualified and comprehensive internal and external talent group, taking advantage of strategic information to measure the impact their recruitment, reducing costs while improving supply contracts and employee retention through personalized and multi-channel approach to their positions reach to the right candidates.


We support organizations for it´s new employees start to work on record time, becoming in committed and productive employees.


Take deep information on the performance of the employees to decide who wants to reward or who choose to led development, helping employees and managers to align individual goals with corporate objectives with appropriate monitoring, improving engagement and employee retention with significant training, generating objective classifications across your organization to better gauge the performance, identifying those with the best performance and who will be the future leaders.


Develop employees by giving them access to knowledge and training to share best practices, improve their skills and abilities, through proper management, support, distribution and storage of the courses, instructors, participants and activities of the various training programs.


Build and develop your potential successors group, proactively planning organizational change to organize their talents, linking profiles, skills and knowledge of employees with individual and group plans training for a faster decision making, based on a pipeline talent in key positions with his possible successors.


Implement innovative strategies and reward policies to ensure consistency of its compensation programs, identifying and developing the skills necessary to align its workforce with business objectives, building a competencies catalog that can be used by all talents management processes defining key competencies of its architecture work and cultivating talents groups accordingly.


Take the integration, training and other talent processes to new levels. With our enterprise & social collaboration software, you may potentiate the teams to work with more efficiently across different departments and geographies. Accelerate hiring, recruitment and other HR processes with improved collaboration, building communities around the training tour to enhance employee development.


With e-learning platforms and virtual classrooms your organization will have a better oriented learning facilitating the distance training producing an interaction between tutors and students, conducting assessments, file sharing and better participation.

With our e-learning solution you can:

  • Have flexible and economic training.
  • Combining the Internet with the technological tools.
  • Allows the use of platforms with minimal knowledge.
  • Learning with constant and effective interaction between tutors and students.

We support to organizations with development of its employees, with planned activities to prepare, develop and integrate the Human Resources with processes and tools through providing knowledge, skills and attitudes for better performance in its employees, in order to increase productivity with quality results, improved customer service and solution to the problems of the organization.

With our Training you will:

  • Train better to your workforce to run the activities of the organization.
  • Provide opportunities for continuous workforce development.
  • Improve the knowledge of all levels of the organization.
  • Helps improve employee identification with organizational objectives.
  • Increase trust and employee development for better decision-making.
  • Improve communication between employees and organization.

We support organizations to link learning with the proposed strategy, defining and supporting the developing of the skills of employees. Taking advantage of technology, in order to increase productivity, competitiveness and creativity of individual and organizational.


  • Reduce workforce turnover by skills and competencies misdirected.
  • Increase productivity, competitiveness and creativity of individual and organizational way.
  • Promoting workforce loyalty to boost their professional development.
  • Increase the development of efficient training programs.
  • Reduce the financing costs of studies in private universities and suppliers.
  • Improve the use of budgets for training and development.
  • Update continuously technology platforms.
  • Improve the use of systems aligned to the business training.
  • Reduce the number of dedicated resources at the HR operation support.

Our goal is to achieve that all the information and knowledge that is created in an organization is shared in an efficient and structured form between all members of your team, systems and information sources. Facilitating the development and implementation of a methodology and tools to support the operation, through the creation, processing and distribution of knowledge in organizations, thus achieving:

  • Promote the corporate integration strategy with the people, processes and technology to increase the effectiveness and commitment;
  • To systematize the knowledge, experience, skills and know-how to create a culture that promotes collaboration and
  • Define an action plan for the knowledge management (Knowledge Management Roadmap) developing the actual cultural plan.