The correct integration of strategies and technologies is the primary motivator of SCBT, in order for organizations to get the best benefit solutions through effective support throughout the process with HR:

In our consultancy we support organizations in the use and integration of strategies and technologies for process management, education and training of talent, through a dynamic and professional service with the help and support that organizations need to improve the functioning of their processes analyzing the existence of opportunity areas identified by our expert advice to resolve and address them.

Increase the growth and accelerating your organization through innovation implementing technological platforms that help to optimize your processes. With our service you can implement:

  • Implement and configure technology platforms aligned to their business.
  • Identifying them technological needs, operational and business training.
  • Develop the proposed solution to meet customer needs.

Innovation not covers only technology, but also their users; for this reason in Learning and Talent SCBT Division we deal to cover this circle through Organizational Transformation Projects and Change Management, which have the following objectives:

  • Ensure the proper performance to maximize results and the value of the organization.
  • Use the the technological tools at 100%.
  • Manage effectively processes.
  • Build capacity and commitment based on the new model.

Our mastery of the leading platforms in the market allows us to offer expert advice to decision-making on alternative technology and its possibilities for training projects, learning, collaboration, performance and including Human Capital Management. In addition, we customize and adapt our solutions on any technology platform.

Our training ranges from the functional support for those responsible until to direct operation in each of the integral aspects of the solutions and design services based on ITIL.

Sistemas CBT mission is that our customers get the most benefit from the solution or set of solutions acquired; through the support in their operations. The services that the Division offers are designed and tailored to the our customers needs, based on the application of international best practices in the field of IT services.