With our solution in Strategic Supply Management you can connect to the wider provider network where your organization will have a quickly and efficiently access at buy-sell cycles sale of assets; increasing sales with a new and existing customers with solid negotiations, generating savings opportunities, contracts optimization and a better project management.

We support organizations to improve project management to better manage their business opportunities, as well as the satisfaction their needs.


  • Reduce the loss of sales opportunities.
  • Execute better addressed market competitive advantages.
  • Increase sales orders with better business visibility.
  • Increase customer satisfaction for recurrences.
  • Increase sales productivity with higher incomes.
  • Eliminate lengthy procurement cycles and contracting.
  • Minimize risk of contracting suppliers.
  • Automate purchasing cycles in the execution of a project.
  • Optimize the buy-sell cycles for the o contracts generation, invoices and collection.
  • Save time at the buying, selling, and cash management processes.
  • Improve suppliers management for proper performance in purchasing.
  • Avoid delays, duplication and loss of payments.
  • Reduce costs in customer service, sales and supply chain.
  • Control costs in products and services.
  • Optimize cash flow by identifying savings opportunities.

Remove contracts mismanaged or misplaced paper which become risks and losses that organizations are living every day, therefore with SCBT Contract Management, you can:


  • Manage the purchase and sales contracts, IP licenses, internal agreements, etc.
  • Automate and accelerate the entire lifecycle of contracts.
  • Standardize and control the development of contracts.
  • Generate cooperation of all stakeholders.
  • Strengthen the operational, contractual and regulatory compliance.
  • Improve management technology to complete contracts, easy operation and minimal updates.
  • Create contracts quickly and easily in Word, with templates and legal clauses preapproved.
  • Generate automatic alerts during the contract cycle through practical dashboards and configurable reports.
  • Create a repository with easy access on demand for secure electronic storage.
  • Save time and costs by using electronic signature to create, send and signing multiple contracts.
  • To have controlled processes, automated monitoring and full audit trails to keep informed of the activities outside contract.

With Management Suppliers solutions, your organization can not buy better only, if at the better cost, aligning and controlling the spending habits of your company; interacting with suitable suppliers and contributing to the final result. Loggin at the high quality suppliers network to find quickly business partners that support to you to reduce the costs of products and services and so minimize risks.


  • Collect data on expenses wherever they are in accordance with the standards of the company and the industry.
  • Cost control, cooperate with suppliers and contribution to the bottom line.
  • To do a conduct comprehensive and deep analysis of purchasing practices throughout the company.
  • Create an environment of adequate supply with market leading tools.
  • Automate, standardize and streamline the entire contract lifecycle.
  • To Support to find the products and services they need with the best suppliers.