SCBT supports the organizations to maximize the employee performance to get by their HR department an integral solution that allows them to organize, manage and develop their people, through:

We support your company to automate, streamline and accelerate their assistance processes, payroll hours and work processes, providing greater visibility and control of labor costs by consolidating data generated by employees, for compliance and increased productivity. With the Human Resource Management can be achieved:

RRHH Benefits:
  • Optimize and automate the HR and Payroll processes.
  • To register and evaluate the attendance and employee's absences.
  • Simplify, standardize and planning processes payroll.
  • Monitor and control of time management, assistance, monitoring and access tasks.
  • Implement effective strategies in time management.
  • Increase productivity through proper time management.
  • Improve the resources use, reducing overtime and downtime.
FINANCE Benefits:
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations labor.
  • Reduce labor costs by time management trough improve and data logging.
  • Optimize and improve the use of resources for reduce unnecessary costs and time.
IT Benefits:
  • Standardize technology platforms in all offices agree to the operation.
  • Decrease time on administration and maintenance at installed platforms.

We help your HR department implementing strategies to recruit, hire, develop, make and retain the best talent, aligning their skills and competencies with corporate objectives, in order to increase productivity through proper Management Talent:

HHRR Benefits:
  • Hire efficient and profitable talent selected from a pool of qualified candidates.
  • Take advantage and develop the skills of employees to the achievement of objectives and results.
  • Create and monitor training plans for employees in the short and long term.
  • Potentiate the employees's performance, according to their position.
  • Convert the HR department into a more strategic and less operational area.
  • Identify the skills and competencies that the organization requires its members.
  • Increase employee productivity through the proper Talent Management.
FINANCE Benefits:
  • Reduce operating costs and administrative HR.
  • Reduce the technological costs to having infrastructure aligned to the organizational operation.
  • Implement innovative reward plans for employees according to performance.
IT Benefits:
  • Centralize and control information from all offices on a single technology platform.
  • Save time on administration and maintenance of the installed platform.
  • Save space on servers to have secure Cloud solutions.
  • Connect the Cloud applications with on-premise systems.

We help companies to increase and share knowledge among its members to achieve results and compliance with established objectives, requiring employees to learn and turn transferred the knowledge that will lead to an efficient performance management and operating tasks.

With SCBT Learning services your company will benefit at:

RRHH Benefits:
  • Increase and share knowledge at all levels of the organization.
  • Create team leaders for new employees.
  • Increase the productivity and quality for work.
  • Improve communication within the organization between groups and individuals.
  • Support to employees to identify them with the objectives of the organization.
  • Increase the confidence of employees and their development within the organization.
FINANCE Benefits:
  • Increase profitability with better skills and attitudes of talent.
  • Improve the decision-making to solve problems.
  • To help keep costs low by eliminating the use of external consultants.
  • Form a better quality company to work.
IT Benefits:
  • Get innovative tools for workforce.
  • Grant virtual training models with updated technology.
  • Reduce technology platforms maintenance dedicated to training.