In Universidad Mexicana en Línea, "UMeL", we offer mixed undergraduate and postgraduate officially recognized by the SEP. Our goal is to train professionals committed to the development of the country, with a quality educational offer.

We provide solutions to corporate clients interested in training its workforce, through programs, services and educational tools designed specifically for their training needs.

We achieve this with the support of our sister company Sistemas CBT with over 15 years of experience; through our academic programs we attend the challenges faced by professionals.


Through the creation and implementation of training programs that help organizations achieve their strategic objectives through the personal and organizational growth that ensures a quality operation.

With Foresight service, we support organizations to conceive a human resources vision in the short, medium and long term, allowing them to obtain a solid and steady growth with direct impact on their strategic objectives.

Some benefits that this service provides are:

  • Locate to the companies as innovative players in the present and future global environment through products and services of excellence.
  • Add the factor of future events and stages at the processes and procedures HR.
  • Meet demand and increase the productivity and competitiveness of the present and future generation of products and services.

Organizational Diagnosis evaluates, analyzes and determines the maturity of the institution, outlining alternative solutions and improvement actions in four points of analysis according to the Organizational Learning Index SCBT, through four main points:

  • Performance: change execution, performance analysis, measurement and effectiveness.
  • Organization: provision of resources, communication and ownership, governance, structure and alignment.
  • Integration: informal learning, management capacity, talent development.
  • Execution: measurement standards, creation and delivery skills.

Obtaining benefits such as:

  • Identification and mapping of tacit knowledge of the organization to make it explicit, allowing its quantification and valuation.
  • Generate, regulate and implement the operational mechanisms of the Knowledge Management Model.
  • Validate and protect the knowledge to develop the intellectual capital of the organization.
  • Encourage the creation and innovation of knowledge.
  • Develop a collaborative culture and transfer the knowledge supported at the change strategy.

The Umel University is distinguished by the high academic level of their professors, technology and practice orientation with vision of the future of their curriculum plans.

Currently the university has 5 degrees:

  • Bachelor Degree in Education.
  • Bachelor Degree of Information Technology and Communication.
  • Bachelor Degree of Business Administration.
  • Bachelor Degree in Public Administration.
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

And a specialty in:

  • Project Management

The content development have a formative orientation, either through our team of tutors teachers and experts in different fields or through the survey and documentation of knowledge available in the organization and customer experts.

These contents can become learning resources for structuring training programs in various forms (e-learning, classroom and blended programs).

The Managed Services SCBT have the right balance between technology, processes, procedures and specialized human resources, so that from its hiring, the company maximizes its operation. While decreases the operating costs, increases the return on IT investment, reduces the risk of technological operation and frees the internal resources to focus on critical processes and business projects, which in turn create value for their strategies.

With the Managed Services, the companies shall:

  • Accelerate the maturity in business processes.
  • Optimize the budget for the area.
  • Exploit in a very short period, knowledge and experience of the provider.
  • Acquire a solution, not a product.
  • Contribute to increase the organization competitiveness and to achieve its objectives.

Working hand in hand with our clients to help manage their training programs, the tracking them is through our School Control Module, which has the following specifications:

  • Tasks Interface.
  • Administration of groups and / or guardians.
  • Balance of activities.
  • Evidence Portfolio.
  • Reporting in accordance with specific regulations applicable SEP (for programs with official recognition).
  • Management enrollment.
  • Management library.


The primary objective of the alliance between SCBT - Umel, is to innovate the traditional paradigms of training under a flexible scheme, using the latest information technologies and the best academics. With this, our business group has a range of innovative solutions with high academic standards and optimum relationship cost-benefit.

Intellectual capital being the main source of wealth of organizations, the goal SCBT-UmeL, it´s to provide the highest added value oriented to the needs and customer requirements, attached to their specific characteristics and organizational nature.